Police arrest tech entrepreneur over Bob Lee death

Police arrest tech entrepreneur over Bob Lee death

San Francisco police have arrested a tech entrepreneur over the fatal stabbing of CashApp founder Bob Lee.

Nina Momeni, a 38-year old technology consultant and startup founder of a company called Expand IT, Inc. has been charged with the murder of Lee and is now in custody at the San Francisco County Jail.

Lee, who spent six years at Google before joining Square in 2010, was found unconscious with stab wounds to his chest on 4 April near the city centre.

CCTV footage shows Lee staggering towards a parked car and lifting up his shirt to reveal his wound, but the vehicle drives off before the tech entrepreneur falls to the ground.

In a press conference announcing the arrest, police said that Lee and Momenti were acquaintances.

Mission Local, a regional news outlet, reported that Lee and the suspect were in a vehicle together and had an altercation before Lee was killed.

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A Finextra member
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Tragic. what a waste of two lives