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Klarna taps ChatGPT for shopping recommendations

Klarna taps ChatGPT for shopping recommendations

Klarna has built a plugin for ChatGPT that will tap the AI-powered bot to provide shoppers with personalised product recommendations.

To use the tool, shoppers install the Klarna plugin from ChatGPT's plugin store then ask for ideas. The technology will offer curated product recommendation, along with links to shop those products via Klarna’s search and compare tool.

Says Klarna: "Not sure what to buy your unicorn-loving niece for her birthday? Just ask Klarna through ChatGPT and be presented with a selection of the very best unicorn-themed present ideas. Not quite right? Send your feedback straight to ChatGPT and watch the new recommendations roll in."

Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO, Klarna, says: "I’m super excited about our plugin with ChatGPT because it passes my ‘north star’ criteria that I call my ‘mom test’, i.e. would my mom understand and benefit from this. And it does because it’s easy to use and genuinely solves a ton of problems - it drives tremendous value for everyone."

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