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US lawmakers seek answers from BNPL firm financing gun purchases

US lawmakers seek answers from BNPL firm financing gun purchases

A group of Democrat lawmakers have written to BNPL firm Credova Financial expressing "strong concerns" about its facilitation of online gun purchases.

In a letter to Credova CEO Dusty Wunderlich, 18 members of congress say that they believe that offering BNPL for firearm purchases could exacerbate America's gun violence epidemic.

The authors note that, while other major BNPL providers explicitly prohibit firearm purchases, Credova has teamed up with nearly 70 gun merchants.

The lawmakers is asking for answers on what safeguards Credova has in place to prevent the use of its product by people who are not allowed to possess guns.

They are also asking for details on how Credova is ensuring purchases of firearms meet state mandated firearm purchase requirements, how the firm is ensuring it is not being used to traffic guns between states, and how it is working to make sure it is not being used to resell arms.

In addition, the letter asks whether Credova was used to acquire firearms used during recent high profile mass shootings, such as those at Uvalde, Texas and Highland Park, Illinois.

Says the letter: "We are concerned that the ease with which buyers can acquire guns through BNPL will result in more guns and increased gun violence in our nation’s communities."

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