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Barclaycard adds Apple Pay support to virtual expense card

Barclaycard adds Apple Pay support to virtual expense card

Barclaycard Payments has added Apple Pay support to its Precisionpay Go virtual Visa cards, enabling employees to pay for face-to-face as well as online business expenses.

With the Precisionpay Go app, employees can request a virtual Visa card to use for business expenses. Once approved by the business, the virtual Visa card can be added to Apple Pay, allowing users to make payments on the iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch immediately.

Precisionpay Go with Apple Pay, allows users to make face-to-face payments with a range of businesses instantly, without needing to go into the office.

Marc Pettican, president, Barclaycard Payments, says: “While e-commerce payments soared during lockdowns, our data shows that face-to-face payments using digital wallets and contactless payments are edging their way to the top, so businesses need to ensure they are providing a solution that caters to online and on-the-go payment options."

The virtual card can be deployed for single or ad-hoc use for employees in remote locations or whilst on the move. Available in a host of countries, users can choose to transact in pound sterling, euro, and US dollar.

Pettican says the virtual expense card is the ideal solution for companies as they move to hybrid working patterns: “As hybrid working becomes the norm, businesses must ensure they have the right tools in place to support their workforce."

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