Commonwealth Bank introduces Eftpos via GSM

Commonwealth Bank introduces Eftpos via GSM

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has launched MobileComm, a mobile Eftpos device, which allows businesses to accept card payments almost anywhere, using the GSM digital mobile phone network.

Nick Kennett, general manager, cards & financing products, comments: "MobileComm enables instant approval of credit and debit card transactions anywhere, anytime, giving enormous convenience to traders and their customers alike."

The bank will initially focus on installing the technology in high transaction mobile businesses in retailing, repairs and service based businesses, as well as working closely with customers in the B2C and B2B markets, he says.

MobileComm is based on the KeyCorp K78 mobile Eftpos terminal, featuring the Ericsson T39 mobile phone. The handheld device integrates an Eftpos unit, a GSM mobile phone and a printer in the one compact form. The terminal has completed several months of live testing with selected Commonwealth Bank customers. It supports both smartcard and magnetic stripe card readers, and is EMV compliant (Europay, MasterCard and Visa standard).

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