Kyberpass OCSP validation package is Identrus compliant

Kyberpass OCSP validation package is Identrus compliant

Ottawa-based Kyberpass Corporation has completed interoperability testing and won approval from Identrus for the Kyberpass Validation TrustPlatform.

The Kyberpass Validation TrustPlatform joins the Kyberpass Digital Signature Messaging System (DSMS) and the Kyberpass Transaction Coordinator (TC) as integral components of the Trusted Community Solution (TCS), a packaged solution of Identrus compliant architecture for the Microsoft Windows 2000 Datacenter Server. TCS was developed earlier this year in an alliance with Unisys, Microsoft and Baltimore Technologies.

The Kyberpass Validation TrustPlatform — an OCSP-based (online certificate status protocol) validation solution enabling financial institutions to quickly and easily deploy e-transaction validation systems for B2B e-commerce transactions — received Identrus compliant status following installation and testing on the Unisys ES7000 running Windows 2000 Datacenter Server at the Microsoft labs in Redmond, Washington.

Robert Lendvai, vice president of marketing at Kyberpass, says testing delivered more than 10,000 OCSP validations per minute and exceeded Identrus performance specifications by a factor of ten.

“Kyberpass has proven itself as a powerhouse based on this particular technology, a quality which will easily allow financial institutions to meet Identrus standards of being able to authenticate participants in trusted B2B and B2C transactions,” says Warren Lewis, managing director for the banking industry at Microsoft. “In addition, the performance breakthrough that Kyberpass has achieved on the Windows 2000 platform now sets a new standard for validation services," he says.

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