Japanese banks pilot IBM Identrus programme

Japanese banks pilot IBM Identrus programme

Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi and Industrial Bank of Japan are piloting a new suite of IBM 'trusted e-payments' software and hardware that work in conjunction with Identrus, the bank-backed system for authenticating corporate trading partners over the Internet.

The pilot programmes will test the use of Web-based systems bolstered by electronic security such as digital signatures, smart cards and encryption technology.

The IBM Fujisawa manufacturing plant and its supplier companies will take part in the Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi and IBJ pilot programmes. IBM Fujisawa is currently using a legacy EDI system and will now test the paying of its suppliers with an Internet-based system using an Identrus and IBM trusted e-payment infrastructure.

The IBM offering includes B2B middleware, such as a new version of IBM WebSphere Payment Manager that addresses specifications for Identrus's project Eleanor for e-payment initiation. Other offerings include Websphere MQ Integrator and Tivoli Policy Director, as well as additional security software, such as Java Cryptography Architecture; the IBM 4758 PCI Cryptographic Coprocessor; and a Digital Signature Messaging System (DSMS) and XML Digital Signature parser and verifier which can be used to Identrus-enable applications.

AIX-based versions of the solution components are ready, says IBM, and include testing of Valicert's Transaction Authority system with a new Websphere MQ interface.

The trusted e-payments package is built on a larger IBM software offering that will be delivered in mid-2002. Under this initiative, WebSphere middleware will provide a common network integration capability that will enable financial institutions to integrate existing and emerging networks with their enterprise processing systems. It also will provide support for various other financial network communications, such as the new interactive interbank messaging system SwiftNet for IP, and will extend the capabilities of Swift interface Merva customers, says IBM.

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