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OCBC introduces sustainability training programme for all employees

OCBC introduces sustainability training programme for all employees

OCBC Bank is rolling out sustainability training for its 30,000 employees and adding ESG-related jobs as part of its "future smart" programme.

The Singapore-based lender has launched a suite of sustainability training modules as part of a structured approach to groom more subject experts for its sustainability push.

In the past two years, more than 50 related jobs have been created within the bank across areas such as sustainable business development, product development, research, ESG assessment and reporting, and community development and environment conservation.

The training programme includes more than 20 modules, co-developed with sustainability experts, covering conceptual and practical topics. The modules are for all 30,000 OCBC employees, including those overseas.

The sustainability push is part of the second phase of a "future smart" programme first introduced in 2018 to equip staff with the skills required to stay relevant in a technologically-driven banking culture.

Jason Ho, head, group human resources, OCBC, says: “Major change is afoot on the job front and roles that are available today may no longer be needed or will be significantly disrupted tomorrow. The OCBC Future Smart Programme was created to upskill or reskill every employee to stay relevant for the future workplace.”

“While technology and digital skills are the prevailing skillsets that most employees would require in the future, other areas such as sustainability and even the ‘softer’ skills such as emotional and mental wellness, collaboration, agility and critical thinking are equally important aspects in developing a well-rounded employee."

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