Moroccan cops nab suspected hacker Dr Hex

Moroccan cops nab suspected hacker Dr Hex

Moroccan police have arrested a suspected cybercrook, dubbed 'Dr Hex', accused of a string of phishing, carding and malware campaigns.

Local police worked with Interpol and security firm Group-IB to track down the suspect, who is believed to have targeted thousands of victims over several years through global phishing, fraud and carding activities involving credit card fraud.

He is also accused of defacing numerous websites by modifying their appearance and content, and targeting multiple banks and other companies with malware campaigns.

In addition, Dr Hex is said to have helped develop carding and phishing kits, which were then sold to other crooks through online forums.

Interpol executive director of police services Stephen Kavanagh says: “This is a significant success against a suspect who is accused of targeting unsuspecting individuals and companies across multiple regions for years, and the case highlights the threat posed by cybercrime worldwide.”

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