Chrysalis-ITS and SmartTrust forge PKI alliance

Chrysalis-ITS and SmartTrust forge PKI alliance

Chrysalis-ITS and SmartTrust have entered a partnership to integrate their respective security solutions to provide the European PKI market with a set of software-managed, hardware-secured solutions for digital certificate applications.

Under the agreement, Chrysalis-ITS will integrate its Luna CA3, Luna XPplus and Luna RA products with SmartTrust's Certificate Manager, Security Center & Servant OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) products. These product combinations have also been submitted as SmartTrust's official PKI architecture for Identrus compliance.

SmartTrust Certificate Manager enables corporations, organisations, and governments, to deploy and operate large Public Key Infrastructures (PKI). It covers production and management of digital identities on smart cards, soft tokens, and SIM cards, to support applications both on the fixed Internet and on the emerging mobile Internet. The Chrysalis-ITS Luna CA3 HSM provides the highest level of security for protecting the critical root key used by Certificate Authorities for signing digital certificates.

The Servant OCSP from SmartTrust provides a secure method of checking the validity of a digital certificate. The addition of the Luna CA3 HSM from Chrysalis-ITS eliminates the risk of exposure for private keys in this environment and adds high performance for online certificate status checking and signature validation.

Certificate Manager will be extended by SmartTrust to leverage the end-user issuance capabilities of Chrysalis-ITS' Luna RA HSM, to ensure that keys are generated securely and administered with the highest levels of trust to smart cards, reducing cost and time to market, say the companies.

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