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HSBC opens API developer portal

HSBC opens API developer portal

HSBC has opened an API developer portal for firms to try out and integrate the bank's suite of application programming interfaces.

The initiative enables customers and developers to find the right APIs for their business needs, access the technical documentation, and try out APIs in the test environment, enabling rapid integration into their own products.

Initially, the portal will provide access to treasury payment and account information APIs, and a number of APIs for trade processing, custody holdings, bank guarantee status and global disbursements.

The portal also allows third party providers in the 15 markets where Open Banking Regulation has been implemented to access payment and account information APIs for retail, business and corporate banking.

Eventually, the portal will house all of the bank’s regulatory and non-regulatory APIs, says Nadya Hijazi, head of digital, global liquidity and cash management at HSBC.

“APIs are the future of corporate-to-bank connectivity, and the launch of our Developer Portal is the natural next step," he says. “By opening up our API suite to customers and developers, we’re enabling them to rapidly integrate our solutions into their own products. Embedding our insights into customers’ own businesses will make them more resilient, and less dependent on the limitations of their own technology.”

Flagstone Invesment Management is the first third party firm to try out the proposition.

“Pushing the boundaries of technology helps us deliver greater value to our clients, and HSBC’s API Developer Portal gives us access to the right APIs to streamline our integration with the bank," states CTO Malcolm Leach. "As a result we spend less time working on the technical detail, and we are free to focus on our enhanced proposition.”

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