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BBVA introduces contactless cash machines

BBVA introduces contactless cash machines

BBVA is offering customers zero-touch contactless cash withdrawals from ATMS as a means to promote safety and hygiene protocols during the pandemic.

An update to the bank's mobile app uses geo-location tech to direct customers to the nearest contactless ATM and near field communication technology to undertake transactions. Customers can instruct the app to make withdrawals up to the amount of €300 per day.

“This evolution in ATM functionality aims to broaden the services that we offer our customers, taking advantage of all the functionality that is already integrated into their smartphones," says Rafael López Gracia, head of Customer Systems for BBVA Spain. "They can already pay using their phones and now they can withdraw cash, all with zero physical contact. In addition to being a totally secure and efficient system, it takes on even more importance because of the health benefits for our customers.”

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