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FinGo adds test and trace capability to vein mapping payment app

FinGo adds test and trace capability to vein mapping payment app

Biometric vein mapping from FinGo is to be used by Manchester cocktail bar and restaurant The Alchemist to provide proof-of-age, payments and test and trace capabilities through a simple scan of the user’s finger.

Starting out with a payment focus at Festival Number 6, and a number of successful pilots, including Proud Bar Camden, Brunel University, Copenhagen Business School, and the Etihad Stadium, FinGo has been redesigned in recent months to enable it to support a new post-Covid world.

The technology had already received the go-ahead from Manchester City Council as an approved age verification system for bars and restaurant in the city.

Simon Binns, chief commercial officer at FinGo, says: “Our initial launch in Spinningfields at the XYZ Building was delayed by the pandemic, but this provided us with a really beneficial period to evolve the offer and address the emerging challenges brought on by Covid-19.

"What we have now is a solution that puts all of the customer power in their own hands. And unlike other solutions, no personal information is shared with the venue. With a quick scan of the finger, customers leave a secure record of their visit, if needed for test and trace purposes. Crucially this will also take some of the pressure off the hospitality staff who have many new guidelines to contend with."

In the case of an outbreak, an establishment operating FinGoID will be able to quickly contact customers or seamlessly supply this information to the Government’s Test and Trace teams.

Jenny McPhee, brand director at The Alchemist comments: “It’s clear that hospitality could look very different for some time and so it makes complete sense to explore new technology to future proof how we interact with consumers. For us, bringing in FinGo is about offering choice. Providing a safe and secure option for guests to pay, prove their age and share contact details can only be a benefit as we navigate the coming months. To be one of the first to use FinGoID in the UK is truly exciting and we’re looking forward to seeing the response from our guests.”

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David Avis
David Avis - AND Digital - Manchester 04 August, 2020, 09:30Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

Firstly always nice to see a pivot in the current environment. The data side of this sounds strong. Not that sure about putting my finger in the same hole that everyone else in the in the bar has put their finger in though? Am I missing something? 

I like the idea of the payment as an overlay for something else to, seems an easier sell than registering biometric data for something you can do with the wave of a phone / card / wearable.