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Finger payments to go campus-wide at Copenhagen Business School

Finger payments to go campus-wide at Copenhagen Business School

Finger vein payments technology is to be introduced campus-wide at Copenhangen Business School, following a successful test-run by Nordic payments processor Nets and UK biometrics company Sthaler.

The introduction of finger scanners at the check-outs in the CBS cafetaria followed nine months of internal tests of the technology at Net's inhouse Idea Lab.

During the the CBS trial run, anyone with a Dankort, the Danish domestic card scheme, could enrol in the system and link the unique pattern of veins in their finger to their account.

FingoPay successfully processed more than 12,000 transactions in the restaurant and coffee shop and, where installed, accounts for one-in-ten of all Dankort payments. The system proved such a hit with the 21,000 CBS students and 600+ full-time academic staff that it will now be made available at all the CBS 32 points of sale at six different sites.

Jeppe Juul-Andersen, Nets Director in charge of the Dankort, says: “We are overwhelmed by how well the users have adopted the solution. 85% of 1,000 users have paid more than once, and the share of net payments in the canteen has been around 10% of all card payments."

FingoPay - which uses technology licensed from Hitachi - works via an electronic reader which builds a 3D map of the customer’s finger veins, generating a 'natural personal key' - thus removing the need for the individual to enter any personal details upon registration to make a payment.

The technology first underwent testing in the UK with WorldPay employees in November 2015 and has since been tried out in the wild at a music venue in Camden. Fingopay has also previously been introduced into a higher education environment, with more than 1000 students at Brunel University signing up to pay for their groceries with just a touch of their finger.

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