Smile moves to eradicate Web content bottlenecks

Smile moves to eradicate Web content bottlenecks

UK internet bank smile is using technology from Open Market and BEA Systems to overcome bottlenecks in Web content development and management.

The bank, a subsidiary of the UK's Co-operative Bank, is utilising Open Market's Content Server Enterprise Edition family of products running on a BEA WebLogic Server, to move to a real-time environment for Web page updates. The technology is replacing a time-consuming manual system that required all content first to be hand-crafted into HTML pages.

Within that system, making a simple date change to a Web page could take two weeks or more, says smile CEO Bob Head. Now smile is able to manage the process internally with a turnaround to Web changes taking 20 minutes. "It wasn't enough to market smile as a more efficient, less bureaucratic company, we needed to incorporate those principals into our business," says Head.

Under the new system, users are able to load content into pre-developed templates and can deliver content in any format. This also allows smile's programmers more time to focus on the 'look and feel' and performance of the site.

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