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BBVA rolls out global component library for design staff

BBVA rolls out global component library for design staff

BBVA has created a global platform for developers and user experience creatives to mix and match components for re-use in other applications.

The new system, called BBVA Experience, is bank’s latest move in its efforts to consolidate design as a strategic function within the organisation. The goal is to develop solutions that incorporate best practice achievements in other territories for fast roll-out across the 30 countries in which the bank has a presence.

The platform includes digital libraries of designs, guidelines and code, built specifically as a one-stop-shop for designers and engineers, which dictates everything from colors and fonts to parts of the code that will later be implemented, as well as editorial guidelines and tone.

Initially rolled out across LatAm markets in May last year, the design pallette is now available across the Group's global footprint. Since launch, BBVA says that within three months, brand new products and services were launched in different countries, with up to 80% of the components being reused.

Rob Brown, the global head of marketing, design and responsible business at BBVA, says: "This allows us to build any app or website the BBVA Group needs anywhere in the world in a way that is consistent with our quality standards for design.”

The approach mimics the component libraries created by the likes of Apple, Google or IBM that make it easier for their design teams to create uniform digital experiences for customers.

Says Brown: “This new design system is a key step in BBVA’s digital transformation because it puts us on the same level as other large digital organisations that value design as a fundamental pillar of their success."

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