Finextra Research roundup: AI and Digital ID to the fore

Finextra Research roundup: AI and Digital ID to the fore

Some very interesting narratives have emerged over the course of 2018 through Finextra’s reports, most of which we expect to progress into increasingly diverse and innovative discussions during 2019.

Artifical intelligence and Digital ID have been key recurring themes from the Finextra Research bureau this year.

A follow-on from our NextGen Banking London AI conference AI - The Road to Transformation and The AI Revolution: Time to Get Ready explore the current thinking around ethical and explainable elements of AI.

Indeed, big data analytics is at the heart of any AI strategy, and building it correctly from the ground up is a crucial yet painstaking process: Exploiting Big Data, Analytics and Visualisation for Better Decisions and Business Growth.

Digital identity is increasingly to the fore of banking business strategy, as financial organisations tackle the issue of knowing who they are dealing with in a virtual, onlinel world, from onboarding right through the lifetime journey of the account, as explored in The Banks as Universal Digital Trusted ID Providers.

Testing also became a bigger story, and weaving this into any transformation or migration strategy is of enormous importance, when trying to stay out of the constant and instant social media communications channels for the wrong reasons: Payment System Assurance – Reducing Risk through Effective Testing.

PSD2 and open banking (PSD2: A Strategic Game-Changer With A Long-Term Impact) is an ongoing theme, of course, and one which will grow legs into 2019, creating increased numbers of banking partnerships, bringing with them new and increased risks through myriad data points.

Consider alongside this the exponentially increasing data processing happening on remote and mobile devices and it becomes quite the undertaking for organisations to stay in control of their data, Interconnection and Data at the Edge: The Next Frontier Of Competitive Advantage In Financial Services.

Some festive reading above for you to mull over some warmed spiced drink in preparation for 2019’s discussions. Watch out for Finextra’s upcoming papers on AI and digital identity.

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