ANZ to deploy Moneythor PFM app

ANZ to deploy Moneythor PFM app

ANZ is to use technology from Moneythor to help customers achieve their savings goals with personalised spending insights and actionable nudges.

Joe Lewis, program director - data at ANZ, says: “We constantly look at unlocking the power of data and analytics to help our customers better understand where their money is going and to assist them in building savings habits. The Moneythor technology with its built-in transaction data analytics and its nudge engine will be a core component of this solution."

The initial deployment will focus on offering recommendations and insights designed to help customers improve their finances.

Previous installation of Moneythor at other banks -- such as Standard Chartered - has seen the data mining element appended to the roll out of of chatbot services, adding a human touch by personalising the conversation with the incorporation of client-facing transaction insights.

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