Ripple surge makes waves in stock market

Ripple surge makes waves in stock market

The explosive surge in the value of Ripple's digital currency XRP is being transmitted to the stock market, with Seagate and Western Union both experiencing a sharp hike in valuations on the back of Ripple-led associations.

Western Union was the first to experience the Ripple effect, as rumours positing a future business relationship in the money transfer business prompted a 7.5% spike in its share price.

Ripple fever then hit Seagate, following a plug from ValueStreet Research which suggested that the chip maker may be sitting on $7.8 billion worth of XRP thanks to an unconfirmed 4.8% stake in Ripple. Seagate shares soared by 16% on the news, before recording a 6.4% gain as the stock changed hands.

XRP currently has a market capitalisation over $80 billion following a massive appreciation in price over the past year.

Much of the interest in the coin appears to be based on assumptions that XRP may ultimately come to function as a reserve currency for banks who use Ripple's technology to conduct real-time funds transfers.

Whether this will come to pass is debatable and was the subject of a heated Twitter spat between New York Times journalist Nathaniel Popper and Ripple chief Brad Garlinghouse.

This prompted a furious response from Garlinghouse, who claimed that Popper had been offered two interviews with banks that planned to use the currency:

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