ABN Amro moves on wearable payments

ABN Amro moves on wearable payments

ABN Amro is inviting 500 of its customers to participate in a live trial of a range of wearable devices - including a ring, watch, bracelet or keyring - for making contactless payments.

The bank has set up a registration page for customers interested in trying out the technology following a number of successful internal tests with staffers last year.

During the four-month pilot, guinea pig clients will put the products to the test on the high street and provide feedback through a mobile app created specifically for the purpose.

Yvonne Duits, ABN Amro product owner payments says as many as 50% of all payments in the Netherlands are contactless.

"The rise of contactless payment doesn't stop at bank cards and mobile phones," she says. "More and more products have payment through Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled, so naturally we're eager to test this method with our clients."
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