Google and Intel top charts of corporate investors in fintech

Google and Intel top charts of corporate investors in fintech

Financial services firms may dominate the list of corporate investors in fintech startups, but the biggest investment dollars are coming from two of the world's largest tech companies, Google and Intel, according to data from CB Insights.

The booming fintech space is top of mind for many of the largest corporations in the world, who see massive opportunities for disrupting traditional financial services. In 2014, $1.4B was invested across more than 110 deals involving as many as 90 large corporate investors. That dollar value is set to double in 2015, says CB Insights.

While large financial players like banks and insurance providers are investing at a higher rate, the chart of most active corporate investors in fintech over the past four years is topped by Google and Intel, followed by Citi Venture and MasterCard.

In total, Google Ventures has made 25 unique company investments into fintech since 2010, followed by Intel Capital which was the only other investor with more than ten investments into the space. Surprisingly eBay appears at number seven on the list with a shrewd focus on mobile commerce and ecommerce enablement.

Intel has notably made a large number of investments outside of the US, including companies like iZettle (Sweden), Elike (Brazil), and UUCun (China).

Google on the other hand has cast its dollars across a wider spectrum of financial services startups, ranging from small business loans (OnDeck Capital) to personal savings (Hello Digit). Four of the spaces Google seems particularly interested in are crowdfunding, digital currency, trading tools, and back office software with at least three investments in each.

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