Google preps Gmail bill payment feature

Google preps Gmail bill payment feature

Google is plotting a service that enables people to receive and pay their bills through Gmail, according to an internal document seen by Re/code.

The service, dubbed Pony Express, is slated to launch in the fourth quarter, according to the document. Google is refusing to comment.

To sign up, users would have to hand over their names, addresses and social security numbers to be able to start receiving their bills to Gmail or Google's new Inbox app, and then to pay them with a linked bank account or debit card through the click of a button. Bills can also be automatically forwarded to other Gmail users, such as roommates.

According to Re/code, Google is working with third party vendors that mail out bills for financial services firms, utilities and telcos on the Pony Express venture.

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Michael Wright
Michael Wright - Tilte, Taxd, Welleasy - London 26 March, 2015, 04:44Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

Being in a business that already sends email bills to Gmail customers - I believe that this would be a great service, however having asked 10 different Googlers about this, it would seem that it is buried deep in the back corridors and not yet close to being a public offering, a 'concept' is a better description.

Manilla, Zumbox and Doxo all found that working with billers to get data in a uniform format is problematic - as is trying to find a business model to make this work. Potentially having alternative motives for gathering the data (i.e. to better target ads to the customers) could be a better idea than charging the billers for the pleasure.

Roll on the Pony Express...