NAB moves Web site to Amazon Cloud

NAB moves Web site to Amazon Cloud

National Australia Bank expects to save millions of dollars a year by moving its public-facing Web site off its own servers and onto the Amazon Web Services cloud.

Amazon opened a local data centre for AWS in Sydney in November last year and already hosts a number of customer-facing applications from Commonwealth Bank of Australia at the facility.

Speaking to The Australian, NAB enterprise delivery general manager Thor Essman said the bank shifted from an internal legacy set-up into the Amazon public cloud more than a week ago, following a 12-month project.

As part of the move to Amazon, the bank reduced its publicly facing Web site from 10,000 pages to 2000 pages, and significantly improved load times for customers logging on to the site.

Essman said NAB had saved nearly 250% on technical operating costs and reduced almost 90% of all incoming Internet traffic into NAB's data centres as a result of the shift.

In future, Amazon will be roped in to host enterprise applications and cater to other parts of the business, Essman told the braodsheet. "We have plans to bring on most of the other flagship assets into the same set up and leverage it (Amazon) for additional capability for applications instead of just information," he said.

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