Trustis launches bespoke PKI outsourcing service

Trustis launches bespoke PKI outsourcing service

London-based e-security provider Trustis has launched Certificate Factory, an outsourcing service for organisations who want to issue their own digital certificates but do not want to take on the high cost and risk of building an infrastructure inhouse.

Trustis manufactured certificates are produced from a dedicated public key infrastructure (PKI) which is developed specifically for each customer, thus assuring users of control over policy and registration.

Chris Swinbank, managing director of Trustis, says: "Now that the importance of being in control of who gets a certificate, liability and how it can be used is being understood, one-size-fits-all third party certificates are often seen as inadequate for serious business applications."

Once Trustis has been given the specification, he says, it will build or take on an existing infrastructure to the exact needs of its client, install it in its high security facility and provide an on-demand service producing bespoke certificates ready for the client to issue.

The Trustis Certificate Factory is housed in the Armoury, a high security bunker once used for storing munitions on Greenham Common, an ex-US missile base.

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