RBS, Sanwa and Wells Fargo go live on Identrus

RBS, Sanwa and Wells Fargo go live on Identrus

Three more financial institutions - The Royal Bank of Scotland, Sanwa and Wells Fargo - have gone live with the Identrus global trust system for business-to-business Internet commerce.

Corporate customers of the banks are being invited to apply for electronic identities called "Identrus Global IDs" and engage in authenticated B2B commerce.

The three financial institutions have completed technology testing and business process auditing to ensure the trustworthiness of their corporate customers' Identrus Global IDs. Customers who obtain the IDs are able to identify trading partners on the Internet, prove their communications have not changed in transit, and compile an auditable record of their transactions.

The banks are beginning live deployment of a host of new applications including document signing, financial services for e-marketplaces, foreign exchange management, Internet-based payments and electronic bill payment and presentment (EBPP).

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