Tweeter lifts lid on Goldman Sachs lift talk

Tweeter lifts lid on Goldman Sachs lift talk

Someone claiming to be a Goldman Sachs employee has set up a Twitter account to publish snippets of conversations overheard in the investment bank's lifts.

The @GSElevator account popped up last week, one of several copycats following in the footsteps of @CondeElevator, which posted gossip purportedly overheard in the magazine publisher's lifts.

@CondeElevator accumulated over 60,000 followers in around a week with tweets recording gems such as "Omigod I love your dress so much I wish there was a 'like' button I could press."

The account only lasted a few days before being abandoned by the creator, seemingly concerned for their job, but has spawned imitators, including @GSElevator.

Among the quotes attributed to staffers at the investment bank and tweeted to over 3000 followers are: '[London] "He's in Fixed Income. A monkey could do that job. Thats why they only get paid like half a stick."'

Another says '[NYC] Trader #1 - "I saw LB in the locker room other day, that's 1 hairy man!" Trader #2 - "Haha, that's nasty! You want my shake shack?"'

In an e-mail interview with the New York Times' DealBook, the anonymous Tweeter claims to be a front office Goldman banker amusing themselves during the summer lull.

"I also thought that despite the disdain out there that exists for Wall Street professionals, people still really have no idea really how bad it is - and how shallow the industry really is, and frankly, how unimpressive 98 percent of the employees are," says @GSElevator.

The mystery Tweeter says they were not behind last year's spoof account mocking Goldman' combative chief spokesman Lucas Van Praag.

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