Goldman PR chief sent up by Twitter imposter

Goldman PR chief sent up by Twitter imposter

Goldman Sachs' combative chief spokesman Lucas Van Praag has fallen victim to a mocking impersonator on Twitter.

British-born Van Praag, dubbed "Goldman's rococo PR prince" by a US paper, has gained notoriety in recent months for his viscous, if elegant, put-downs of the bank's critics.

In response to a report in the Sunday Times that CEO Lloyd Blankfein planned on taking a $100 million bonus this year, the PR man told reporters: "There's speculation, and there is stupidity. This speculation transcends the simply stupid and takes it to an entirely new credibility to tittle-tattle is pretty shoddy journalism."

Responding to rumours Blankfein may resign, he said: "It is preposterous that The Wall Street Journal would even consider publishing such effluent."

His distinctive style is now being parodied by 'Fake Lucas Van Praag' on Twitter, berating the "dreadfully dim" media and other critics.

"Gather ye snickers while ye may, but investors love our debt whilst rivals rest peacefully on catafalque of mediocrity," says fake Lucas before informing us of his dietary habits: "Lunch: Filet of baby seal, asparagus. Back on my low-carb diet."

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Elton Cane
Elton Cane - News Corp Australia - Brisbane 05 March, 2010, 13:53Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

My personal favourite: There is no Lloyd Blankfein. Only Zuul.