US and UK networks ink ATM access deal

US and UK networks ink ATM access deal

US ATM network operator Nyce has signed a multi-year agreement with its UK counterpart Link that will enable Brits and Americans to withdraw money from cash machines on both sides of the Atlantic.

The FIS-owned Nyce network includes 360,000 ATMs across the US, while Link includes 63,000 machines.

Through the reciprocal agreement, participating Nyce cardholders will be able to conduct withdrawals in the UK and once Link banks and building societies sign up their customers will have access to money in the States.

Ken Andrew, chairman, Link, says: "We have wanted to expand to make our services available to US card visitors while they are in the UK, especially with events like the London Olympics coming up in 2012. Nyce is the perfect network to team with to execute on this strategy."

Neil Marcous, president, Nyce Payments Network, adds: "Nyce's strategy is focused on serving the needs of its clients. Providing enhanced ATM access between the UK and the US helps meet those needs."

Last year Nyce signed a reciprocal access deal with the Korea Financial Telecommunications Clearings Institute while Link has previously agreed deals with Germany's girocard scheme operator Zentraler Kreditausschuss and China Unionpay.

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Michael Fuller
Michael Fuller - None - London 28 July, 2011, 16:36Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

So will NYCE cardholders need Chip and Pin cards or will this open up the potential for more cloned cards in UK ATMs?

Matt White
Matt White - Finextra - Toronto 28 July, 2011, 16:47Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

Michael, Link tells us: "UK atms are set up to read both chip and mag stripes - so you don't have to have a chip and PIN card to be able to withdraw cash."