UK ATMs open up to German girocard users

UK ATMs open up to German girocard users

German girocard debit card holders can now withdraw cash from 63,000 Link network cash machines in the UK.

Link and girocard scheme operator Zentraler Kreditausschuss struck the deal through Eaps, an alliance of European debit card schemes designed to facilitates pan-European ATM and POS transactions.

Eaps aims to unite independent card schemes throughout Europe under a single framework, providing an alternative to the international offerings.

Ugo Bechis, chairman, Eaps board, says: "The benefits to cardholders, card issuers and ATM operators are clear - EAPS allows them to make use of existing ATM and POS infrastructure to enable cross-border transactions at a lower cost than would otherwise be possible, and introduces increased competition in the payments sector."

The UK/Germany ATM access deal follows a similar link-up between Germany and Italy that went live under Eaps in 2009.

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