Banks urged to tap Twitter for fraud alerts

Banks urged to tap Twitter for fraud alerts

With phishing attacks corroding trust in e-mail, banks should use Twitter to help alert customers to fraud threats, says security outfit IronKey.

The vendor says banks should follow the lead of Australia's WestPac, which yesterday tweeted its 5000 followers to warn them about a rogue e-mail.

"Scam Alert: Trojan email subject "Westpac Trusteer Rapport.." Don't open attachment just delete it. More info"

The firm says banks should verify their Twitter accounts, advertise and link to it and then use it to respond quickly to threats as well as tweet general security advice.

Dave Jevans, chairman, IronKey, says: "By using Twitter to publicise Internet security threats, banks can warn customers instantaneously, without sending them e-mails which could themselves be construed as malicious phishing attempts."

However, Twitter is not immune from cyber-attacks itself; last year First Direct's account was hacked and used to send pornographic messages to followers.

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