UK PFM site Money Dashboard launches open beta

UK PFM site Money Dashboard launches open beta

Money Dashboard, a Mint-style UK online personal finance management service, has launched in open beta.

The site, which is free to use, taps technology from Yodlee to lets customers bring online bank accounts and credit card transactions data together in one place.

Users can access the application from any computer to manage their money, track spending and set budgets, with e-mail alerts warning when limits are about to be breached.

After claiming massive over-subscription for its closed beta, the site has now been opened up.

In a bid to monetise the service it has also added 'Ways to Save' pages, letting financial product providers advertise their wares, although the site stresses it remains impartial from banks and "is the consumer's friend".

Gavin Littlejohn, CEO, Money Dashboard, says: "Our awareness of consumer needs, coupled with our professional understanding of financial products means we can help consumers make better financial decisions each month, offer tailored solutions and help individuals on a journey from budgeting and into wealth."

The new outfit will face competition from consumer finance Web site lovemoney, which launched an online money management service, also powered by technology from US outfit Yodlee, in January.

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