Wesabe launches site to sell money management tools to banks

Wesabe launches site to sell money management tools to banks

Wesabe has launched GetSpringboard.com, a Web site that lets financial institutions buy and implement personal finance management tools online.

Launched earlier this year, Springboard provides banks and credit unions with access to Wesabe's suite of applications, including account management, goal setting and tracking, community forums, widgets, and merchant tips and comparisons.

The platform, available via a cloud-based services model lets financial institutions roll out personal finance management tools without the engineering requirements of hosting the platform in-house.

The company has now launched a product site where banks and credit unions can get pricing, sign up, deploy, and configure a Wesabe Springboard site through the Web. The money management expert says this approach saves financial institutions months and tens of thousands of dollars compared to traditional banking software sales processes.

In a blog on the Wesabe site, CEO Marc Hedlund says: "We wanted to give our bank and credit union customers all of the advantages we offer our consumer-site users, from easy setup and sign-in to full customisation."

The firm says pricing for the GetSpringboard.com will be based on the size of the implementation and customisation features chosen, with an introductory offer until the end of the year.

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