Scandinavian bank data centre moves to Teradata

Scandinavian bank data centre moves to Teradata

Skandinavisk Data Center (SDC) has purchased a Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse platform for its banking data centre in Denmark, supporting more than 140 financial institutions in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

The SDC is the largest banking data centre in Denmark with a workforce of 350 individuals, and approximately 150 external consultants. The member-owned facility supports the information technology needs of more than 140 member banks, including 756 departments, 10,600 employees, and 3.6 million consumers with 5.8 million accounts.

Within the warehouse, SDC will provide each bank with a 'private compartment' on the Teradata database allowing each to do complex analysis and customer profiling on its own data.

"In addition," says Teradata VP Peter Mikkelsen, "Teradata will offer both shared and dedicated professional and customer services for each bank."

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