Hbos chief hit by ID fraud scam

Hbos chief hit by ID fraud scam

Hbos chief executive Andy Hornby has fallen victim to ID theft after a fraudster stole his identity and withdrew thousands of pounds from his personal bank account.

According to a report by UK tabloid The Sun, a fraudster used one of Hornby's old bank account statements to steal his identity and withdraw at least £7000 from his account.

It is reported that Hornby was told of the fraud by staff while he was on holiday. The account has now been frozen and investigators are working out exactly how much money was taken, says the Sun.

The report, which cites an un-named source, says it is thought the fraudster was caught on CCTV withdrawing cash from a branch and an ATM.

A Halifax spokesperson declined to comment on the news.

Hornby isn't the first bank boss to be stung by fraudsters. In January it was reported that a fraudster managed to con high street bank Barclays out of £10,000 in a credit card scam by posing as its chairman Marcus Agius.

In that case it is thought the criminal rang a Barclays call centre claiming to be Agius and convinced a member of staff to issue him a credit card in the chairman's name. The fraudster then walked into a Barclays branch and withdrew £10,000 from Agius' personal bank account.

Swindler swipes ID of bank boss - The Sun

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