BofA implements Synchrony CRM for derivatives

BofA implements Synchrony CRM for derivatives

Bank of America's global derivatives operation has been named as one of the first users of a new 'Hosted-Anywhere' customer relationship management system from Cincinnati-based Synchrony.

The Synchrony system was launched in Novmber 2000 and offers users a choice of remote-based or licensed software. The system now boasts seven customers, of which Bank of America is the most recent.

Following a comparative evaluation of alternative CRM solutions, Bank of America says it selected Synchrony based upon functional requirements and technical feasibility, including the availability of the solution in both licensed and ASP forms.

"We like the fact that we can switch from an ASP to licensed implementation should we need to in the future," says Michael Durbin, e-commerce development manager for Bank of America global derivative products. "Options have value. That one is no exception."

Synchrony's Java and Web-based solutions are designed to offer a unified view of the interactions and transactions that occur among customers, business partners, suppliers, and employees.

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