Norwich Union brings 150 Indian call centre jobs back to UK

Norwich Union brings 150 Indian call centre jobs back to UK

Insurance firm Norwich Union is bringing 150 call centre jobs outsourced to its offshore centres in India back home to Britain.

The work being moved back to the UK consists of household insurance claims, executive pensions and hire of vehicles after accidents

According to press reports, the move to switch some call centre work back to Britain is due to communucation problems between customers and Indian staff.

However the number of jobs coming back to the UK is very small in comparison with the 7800 staff that Norwich Union's parent company Aviva employs in India. In September last year Aviva said it was cutting 4000 jobs in the UK, with 1000 of those roles would be shifted to its offshore centres in India.

However a survey released in November by Deloitte found that public antipathy to offshore outsourcing continued to grow in Britain with one in three adults (32%) believing that UK companies should be forced to bring offshored jobs back home

Earlier in the year energy supplier Powergen said it was closing down its call centre operations in India and bringing the jobs back to the UK following complaints from customers.

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