Entegrity secures Identrus compliance

Entegrity secures Identrus compliance

Entegrity Solutions' Trust Services Platform (TSP) has been certified as compliant with the bank-backed Identrus public key security system.

Entegrity has also been named as Identrus' principal application enablement partner for the upcoming September 2000 Swift bank-to-bank conference. At the show, Entegrity will act as a systems integeration partner, ensuring that disparate vendor applications interoperate with the Identrus system in live demonstrations.

The Entegrity Trust Services Platform, a family of security components, has been evaluated as compliant with the Identrus Digital Signature Messaging System (DSMS) standard in a live deployment with an Identrus member financial institution. The system makes it easier for banks and customers to connect to the Identrus platform. Entegrity TSP is currently deployed in the Identrus reference system and in a number of financial institutions' pilot applications.

"We are working closely with Entegrity Solutions to enable a number of applications to be compliant with Identrus certificates, both for our customers' and our own use," says Jim Parker, business manager for Chase ePassport, Chase's Identrus solution. "Entegrity TSP has already saved us considerable time and development effort, as we would have had to create the tool kits ourselves. By using Entegrity Solutions' standardised product, we will be able to make our existing applications compliant more quickly and easily."

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