iPlanet wins identrus confidence for key technology

iPlanet wins identrus confidence for key technology

iPlanet's Trustbase Transaction Manager has been chosen as the reference implementation for the Identrus Transaction Coordinator, a key enabling technology helping financial institutions to reduce their customers' risk in high-value, business-to-business e-commerce.

The market for the Transaction Coordinator includes current and future Identrus member financial institutions who will market digital signature services to corporates worldwide. The Identrus community is expected to grow to include 300 of the world's largest financial institutions over the next several years, in addition to Level 2 members, which are expected to number into the thousands. Each Identrus member will be required to have a Transaction Coordinator as part of its Identrus infrastructure.

"iPlanet's Trustbase Transaction Manager solution enables financial institutions to facilitate financial and non-financial commercial transactions across the Internet with confidence and scalability for the first time," says Guy Tallent, president and CEO of Identrus. "We chose iPlanet to deliver our reference implementation of the Transaction Coordinator because of its world-class ability to deliver a scalable, comprehensive and complete software solution to the marketplace."

The Transaction Coordinator is the transactional centre of the Identrus system, directing messages to certificate check, warranty, or other back-end systems and collating responses to the customer. The Identrus Transaction Coordinator module is part of iPlanet's Trustbase Transaction Manager, v2.1, a legacy-to-Web middleware product that provides a common security infrastructure to multiple applications by routing messaging between identity services and back-office systems. The iPlanet module enables delivery of core financial services, as well as other services such as payment and credit, online collaboration, secure messaging and online exchange, on top of an Identrus identity validation, and acts as a single point of control for services using the Identrus system, which is based on a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

"As businesses move to the instantaneous, frictionless trading environment of the Web, their requirements for security are increasing," says Mark Tolliver, president and general manager of iPlanet e-commerce solutions. "iPlanet's introduction of the industry's first implementation of the Identrus Transaction Coordinator specification as part of iPlanet's Trustbase Transaction Manager product means financial institutions can now deliver Identrus-enabled applications and take full advantage of new opportunities in business-to-business e-commerce."

The Trustbase Transaction Manager v2.1, with the Identrus Transaction Coordinator Module, is available from iPlanet, a SUN/Netscape alliance company, with pricing starting at $50,000.

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