Brokat adds wireless to multi-channel mix

Brokat adds wireless to multi-channel mix

The integration of Brokat's recent acquisitions with its home-grown technology continues with the launch of Server Technologies version 4.5, a family of software products based on the Twister and GemStoneJ platforms.

Utilising Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) technology and Corba/C++, the new product family is billed as providing multi-channel infrastructure support for the next wave of wireless services. It is constructed to integrate existing enterprise back-end systems and establish secure interfaces between these systems and newer channels, including the Internet, mobile phones and PDAs.

According to Brokat, enterprises using Brokat Server Technologies can track customer contacts across multiple touchpoints, analyse that data and use it to provide personalised services. The company estimates the product family decreases time-to-market for e-business applications by up to 75 percent.

Out-of-the-box components in version 4.5 save developers from low-level plumbing work, while a layer of channel alignment logic guarantees that one and the same application of code can be used for all channels, says Brokat.

The product family consists of two high-performance application servers - Brokat Advanced Server and Brokat Enterprise Server - plus dozens of add-ons that provide functionality and integration with multiple communications channels and back-end and legacy systems, says the company.

Brokat Advanced Server is built on a multi-threaded ORB architecture and takes advantage of J2EE technology. The platform features Brokat's Extreme Clustering technology with multiple VMs designed to enable the enterprise to scale as the e-business grows. Brokat Enterprise Server is a high-end J2EE and Corba enterprise application server targeting specifically the delivery of scalable mobile services.

Brokat Advanced Server is available for $40,000 per CPU while Brokat Enterprise Server is priced at $60,000 per CPU. Brokat Server Add-Ons for multi-channel customer interaction start at $10,000. Enterprise application integration Server Add-Ons start at $5000.

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