BNP Paribas extends derivatives grid

BNP Paribas extends derivatives grid

BNP Paribas has deployed DataSynapse GridServer at its London derivatives operations, and plans to roll the technology out to additional sites in New York and Tokyo.

The bank is running GridServer across HP blades in its structured credit group to improve performance of its collateralised debt obligation (CDO) business. As well as introducing the system to its other offices, the bank plans to roll out the technology across multiple business lines, including the credit and interest rate derivatives group.

The grid enables the bank to divert spare computing capacity from unused desktop machines to support time-consuming, number-crunching applications elsewhere. As a result, the bank will be able to speed time to market for more complex products and trade larger volumes. BNP Paribas will also be able to apply more complex scenarios and analytics to improve pricing.

"DataSynapse has increased the performance and resilience of our trading applications, enabling us to trade more complex exotics at larger volumes, while speeding overnight batches," says Dipak Shah, head of structured credit IT at BNP Paribas. "The grid allows us to maximise computing processing resources without major investments in new hardware or expansion of our existing data centres."

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