NCR unveils portable ATM

NCR unveils portable ATM

NCR has unveiled Cash4all, a wireless cash machine, housed in a fibreglass pod, which has been designed for use at outdoor locations and temporary events such as music festivals.

The cash4all machine was unveiled to banks and independent ATM deployers at the Wellington Arch in London.

The ATM includes ink-staining technology developed by NCR subsidiary Fluiditi. When a physical attack is detected by sensors in the ATM, indelible ink is released under high pressure. The technology also protects cash while the machine is being refilled.

NCR says the ATM's wireless communications removes the need for a fixed line, enabling quick and easy installation in locations such as petrol, bus and train stations. The machine can also easily be moved to different locations, allowing the ATM to be installed at temporary events, such as music festivals.

Simon Rubin, NCR's VP for financial self-service solutions for Northern Europe, says: "Although external ATMs typically drive higher transaction volumes than their internal counterparts, they have been countered by the higher costs associated with their installation, service and security."

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