Madoff switches to CameronFIX engine

Madoff switches to CameronFIX engine

New York-based market maker Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities has replaced its in-house FIX systems with Cameron Systems' flagship FIX engine, CameronFIX.

Cameron Systems says all Madoff's FIX messaging has been consolidated into one unit.

Liz Weintraub, Madoff's head of IT, says: "Historically it took us approximately two weeks to bring new customers into our testing environment. With CameronFIX we can now do this in under a day.

"The flexible architecture and scalability of CameronFIX has resulted in greater efficiencies for Madoff and importantly, these features also meant we were able to easily integrate the FIX engine with our existing infrastructure."

Madoff deployed CameronFIX during November 2003 and is currently migrating customers from its proprietary FIX system.

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