Rabobank rolls out Reuters 3000 Xtra

Rabobank rolls out Reuters 3000 Xtra

Rabobank Group is rolling out the latest version of Reuters' 3000 Xtra desktop to over 300 users.

Version 4.5 of Reuters' 3000 Xtra system will be deployed across the Rabobank Group Treasury, Rabobank International, Robeco and Rabo Securities divisions.

The desktop will replace Rabobank's existing Reuters 2000 and 3000 products at its asset management, equities brokerage and treasury and capital markets departments.

Jan-Rene Dolfing, managing director, Reuters Netherlands, says: "With Reuters support Rabobank have been able to integrate 3000 Xtra with their XP desktop deployment, providing enhanced features with a standardised look and feel."

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