Syntegra partners VIP for voice messaging system

Syntegra partners VIP for voice messaging system

Syntegra has partnered Voice Integrated Products (VIP) to develop a voice messaging product for users of its ITS trading technology.

Syntegra's Voice Messenger product integrates VIP's messaging services with its ITS voice trading technology to enable dealers to deliver messages to clients via voicemail.

Traders can use the system to pre-record a series of messages prior to contacting a list of clients and, on detection of voicemail, can initiate the selected recording.

The product also allows users to continue with their next call while the first voicemail is still being dropped, so that several different messages can be delivered concurrently.

Ben Fursman, head of sales, EMEA, for trading systems, Syntegra, says the voice messenger capability "removes the need for users to repeat specific market data or information on opportunities to each client. They can now pre-record a number of messages and deliver the most relevant one."

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