FNX adds real-time blotter to Sierra trading system

FNX adds real-time blotter to Sierra trading system

Philadelphia-based FNX has added a real-time treasury blotter to its trading product Sierra which provides users with an instant snapshot of positions and exposures.

The treasury blotter is designed to reduce the normal delays in consolidating cross-product exposure for on- and off-balance sheet instruments.

The tool offers traders a consolidated view of positions and cash needs for FX cash, money markets, loans/deposits, fixed income, exchange traded products and interest rate derivatives. Gap analysis, yield curve sensitivity and graphical representation are among the decision support applications included.

FNX says in lab tests, the blotter handled a peak volume of 27,500 trades processed per hour from 300 simulated and 10 real users. In a separate soak test that lasted 24 hours, the blotter accommodated more than 12,000 trades per hour from 300 simulated users.

Jim Dennelly, executive director, product development, FNX says before the blotter was released, some clients had to wait more than four hours to see their consolidated position: "Now, in just a matter of seconds, they can slice and dice their positions and even drill-down to the transaction level."

Denelley adds that five clients have already signed up to use the tool.

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