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Stephen Wilson

Done nothing wrong and yet ...

For those who are cynical about privacy, this case should provide food for thought. If a banker is able to make these sorts of backroom, opaque and biased determinations about a customer on the basis...

26 Feb 2010
Stephen Wilson

US cardholders can take different paths with chip

I'm excited by the advent of chip cards aimed at travellers. One of the red herrings that hold up the chip card rollout states-side is that merchant enablement will cost billions. That's true, but y...

13 Feb 2010
Stephen Wilson

Don't be so cynical about privacy

Reports of the death of privacy abound, but they're premature. There are certainly those who, on the sly, would seek its demise, for privacy tends to get in their way. Like politicians on a post 9-11

23 Jan 2010
Stephen Wilson

If US banks still need convincing on chips ...

If only we could get our collective heads around the problem of assuring the pedigree of online information -- be it credit card numbers, or simply name and address -- the ROI for chip cards would be ...

10 Nov 2009
Stephen Wilson

Kaspersky and his Internet Passport: surely he jests

OMG. Eugene Kaspersky wants an Internet Passport because he says "anonymity causes security headaches and should be outlawed". This is madness. The social repurcussions are surely obviou...

28 Oct 2009
Online Banking
Stephen Wilson

Maybe security designers need to live with human nature

OK, so people generally reveal too much about themselves. They tend to be more trusting than security advisers would like them to be. So, where to next? Some will view this video with alarm and will...

20 Oct 2009
Stephen Wilson

End to end Encryption will not dent black market

Randy Vanderhoof of the Smart Card Alliance speaks a great deal of common sense about end-to-end encryption. It won't do anything to prevent replay attacks, nor to take the value out of stolen ID data...

14 Sep 2009
Stephen Wilson

Hotel databases and identity thieves

Hotel databases are a fantastic target for identity thieves. Hotels don't just hold credit card numbers and billing addresses (which are held for weeks in advance of a stay and for weeks afterwards t...

19 Aug 2009
Stephen Wilson

PCIed out yet?

Wow! Are we all PCIed out? The Network Solutions breach was announced on Friday 24th, and four or five days later we still haven't heard any accusations about whether they were or were not PCI compli...

27 Jul 2009
Stephen Wilson

You can't complain about interoperability, except ...

I hope Kantara will be different but I have yet to see an identity interoperabiity initiative that properly articulates the real probelm it's trying to solve. A wise person once said something along ...

20 Jun 2009
Stephen Wilson

We need clearer thinking about privacy and security

There's still not enough clear thinking about the nature of personal information being traded and lost online. Not all information is the same! In examining the terrible trend in personal informatio...

17 Jun 2009
Stephen Wilson

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of audit

While dissatisfaction with the PCI standards has been simmering for some time, the debate is now boiling over. And not before time. In March, the US House of Reps’ Homeland Security Committee held a ...

01 May 2009

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