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Colin Weir

The Financial Social Enterprise

A couple of months ago a friend of mine, said he was starting a business targeted at helping Social Enterprises. Pause Good – a new term. Curiosity lights up – “What’s a Social Enterprise Ben?” “It’

22 Jul 2015
Colin Weir

Pay Day Lending Highlights Financial Literacy Challenge

In Australia, ASIC and the ABC are on the hunt for unscrupulous Pay Day lenders. Pay Day lending is the provision of small, short terms loans to people that require financial cover to pay day. Annual ...

01 Apr 2015
Colin Weir

What is Customer Centricity in Banking

Dreamforce 2014 has finished. It is Salesforce’s event to bring partners, customers and staff together for a week of entertainment, motivation, networking and learning. It’s a massive event with a h

18 Oct 2014
Colin Weir

A Game Filter reveals behaviour

It was approaching 1pm on Friday and I was due in the city for some afternoon meetings. Having finished off a couple of emails, I checked my watch and had good time to catch the ferry across the harbo...

15 Sep 2014
Colin Weir

What drives customer behaviour around money

At Moroku we spend a lot of our time trying to unlock a key riddle “If financial health is so important for so many, why are so few good at it?” The flip side to this riddle is "Why do people s...

07 Aug 2014
Colin Weir

DASH Robin! Its more complex

Cash may be losing ground to alternatives but it is still 47% in Australia and 85% of all retail transactions globally. It comes down to: 1/ Anonymity - Many segments of the economy are still cash and...

05 Jun 2014
Colin Weir

The war in Crimea will hit Visa and Mastercard hard

Russian President Vladimir Putin heads to China tomorrow to tighten relations with Beijing as ties worsen with the West over the Ukraine crisis. Along with Oil, gas and some 100 Sukhoi-Superjets Chin ...

19 May 2014
Colin Weir

2014 The Year API enters the vernacular

Us geeks have a strong tradition of introducing some great acronyms into the global vernacular: DVD, USB, DOS, WiFi are a few. As the world searches for the lost Malaysian Airlines flight and its pass...

09 Mar 2014
Colin Weir

Crisis the catalyst for innovation

We are certainly faced with some of the greatest problems of our time; the disparity between wealth and poverty, the scarcity of resources, the economic system and the security of our food supply. The...

31 Dec 2013
Colin Weir

Mobile Money gets Groked

What a fabulous week I have just had in Kenya. Home to many things, it is the current home of mobile money. Ask any Kenyan what mobile money is and how useful it is and you will get a very clear answe...

01 Dec 2013
Colin Weir

Competing by being grounded in purpose

There is no doubting that a bank's commercial enterprise, like any business is to make money and provide returns for shareholders. At the heart of the value proposition is the removal of risk involved...

15 Nov 2013
Colin Weir

The Present Bias of Banking

Present Bias refers to the innate human nature to value the short term over the long term. The behaviour is acutely evident in addictions where the value of say smoking a cigarette to overcome the imm...

12 Nov 2013

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