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Clare Rowley

The Value of the LEI in X-Border Payments: Enhancing Know Your Consumer and Corporate Onboarding

Efficiently accessing the data they need is a core challenge for organizations conducting due diligence and ongoing risk monitoring for corporate customers and suppliers. The information needed often ...

01 Nov 2023
Clare Rowley

How the LEI Can Help Financial Institutions ‘Address’ a Growing Challenge in ISO 20022

Addresses are foundational to the global economy. As noted by the Universal Postal Union, "addresses form an important part of the basic information needed to ensure communication (both digital a...

28 Sep 2023
Clare Rowley

The Value of the LEI in Cross-Border Payments: Enhancing Corporate Invoice Reconciliation

The need to harmonize cross-border trust services continues to grow in line with the ever-increasing volume of trade and commerce taking place across digital platforms, globally. In this effort, the L...

22 Sep 2023
Clare Rowley

Understanding the Value of Global Identifiers in the Fight Against Financial Crime

Money laundering and terrorist financing create significant systemic risks in the global financial system. The intricate webs spun by fraudsters and criminals to evade detection crisscross national bo...

08 Sep 2023
Digital Identity Management
Clare Rowley

Optimizing ISO 20022 for Cross-Border Payments: Why the LEI and BIC offer true Global Identification

Why the LEI and BIC are a Perfect Fit for a Truly Global Identification Scheme Challenges in the cross-border payments market include high costs, low speed, limited access, and insufficient transparen...

21 Apr 2023
Data Management and Governance

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