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Digital 360 - for Commercial Banks

‘Design Considerations’ for Commercial Banks Commercial Banks are no exception to the ‘Digital Tsunami’ that is sweeping the globe. While Retail Banks try to emulate the models adopted by the retail

24 Dec 2014
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AIFMD: Big challenges and big opportunities for custodians

I was asked recently which regulation I think is having the biggest impact on custodian banks in Europe. Many people would point to the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) or Basel III an...

19 Dec 2014
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Dragging insurance out of the stone age: Insly

Fintech’s speed of growth hasn’t just surprised the technology sector but the global market too. It wasn’t that long ago when tapping cards to pay for coffee was an idea in a sci-fi writer’s mind. Tod...

24 Sep 2014
Future Finance
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Crowdfunding to the moon: InvestUP

“Back in the 1960s when they were landing on the moon, everyone came together, it wasn’t the U.S. landing on the moon, it was mankind” says James Tuckett, founder and MD of investUP (or just UP), the ...

16 Sep 2014
Future Finance
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Opening up the world of invoicing: InvoiceSharing

"We have a global ambition...we're here to get something done and change the world" Very few would argue that electronic invoicing is the sexiest thing in fintech. It can't match the retail ...

08 Sep 2014
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Stealing Share of Wallet

Secrets for Stealing Share of Wallet for SME and Corporate Bank Clients Shhh! Don’t tell anyone…listen closely – I am about to tell you some valuable secrets to stealing share of wallet from your comp...

21 Aug 2014
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IT Budgets

What Does Your IT Budget and My Childhood Pocket Money Have in Common? You need to spend it wisely, as it is limited, but continue to provide for your needs now and into the future (or at least until...

31 Jul 2014
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Urgent! 2015 Capital Investment Deadlines

– Are You Planning For Success In Corporate Banking? Planning for 2015 capital investment deadlines will be a stressful exercise. The question on everyone’s mind in the organization: What should be on...

28 Jul 2014
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Bridging the Gap between Sales and Marketing

Bridging the Gap between Sales and Marketing Marketing and sales are both activities aimed at increasing revenue. They are so closely intertwined that people often don’t realize the difference between...

25 Jul 2014
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The FinTech Developer Study 2014

Software developers are playing a vital role in reengineering, disrupting and reinventing the financial services industry. I heard someone ask at Finextra's Future Money event recently; "When are...

23 Jul 2014
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Evolving from Vendor to Trusted Advisor

As a senior executive in a fintech firm, the chances are that these two assertions will strike a chord: you sell solutions and you want the market to see you as a trusted advisor. How do your sales a...

21 Jul 2014
Enrico Camerinelli

Formula One and Banks

As an Italian living in Monza, Formula One is sort of a lifestyle. The Italian Grand Prix is one of the longest running and most important racing events of the kind, having been held at the course of ...

14 Jul 2014
Transaction Banking