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David Donovan

The Product Engineering Paradigm:Moving from idea to production at the speed of customer expectation

With all the acronyms in the digital world, let’s talk about one more: VUCA. The term itself is not new, but it describes the challenges businesses are facing today. Volatility, Uncertainty, Complex

29 Oct 2018
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Inese Novikova

How Back-office Holds Banks Back From Successful Digitization

There is a huge misconception that investing in customer solutions is enough to ensure successful banking digitization. According to a World Economic Forum report 2018 by Bain & Company, only 1% o...

23 Oct 2018
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Retired Member

Business banking, the final fintech frontier

Banking 101 Ever since the establishment of Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena - first bank in history-, banking is all about helping businesses grow. This principle is vital in today's banking system, ...

23 Oct 2018
Bob Lyddon

Eurozone private banks gear up to replace Eurosystem Asset Purchase Programmes

The Eurozone banking system will have to gear itself up this autumn to take over the supply of credit from the Eurosystem, as the Eurosystem’s version of QE - called Asset Purchase Programmes – is wou...

09 Oct 2018
SEPA and European Payments
Fabio Urso

GDPR and Onboarding

Conforming to GDPR across the Customer Lifecycle One of the most talked about regulations in recent years has been GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This EU law was adopted in April 2016 and ...

27 Sep 2018
Financial Services Regulation
Breana Patel

What are the top risks in Organizational Restructuring?

The Top Risks in Restructuring With great organizational change comes great responsibility. Therefore, in order to create a sustainable growth, companies must learn strategies on how to manage the r...

25 Sep 2018
Financial Risk Management
Retired Member

Why Corporate Banks should be embracing AI and Machine Learning

With Fintechs and other challengers threatening to pick off the most profitable parts of Corporate Banking such as international money transfers and the provision of FX services, never has there been ...

24 Sep 2018
Innovation in Financial Services
Bob Lyddon

Turkish bank Non-Performing Loans soon to hit World Class levels

Turkish bank Non-Performing Loans (“NPLs”) will soon be reaching World Class levels, even if the bar has been set very high by the banking systems of Greece and Cyprus: only NPL levels of 40-45% of to...

09 Sep 2018
Trends in Financial Services
Breana Patel

How to improve company culture with Conduct Risk Framework?

Most industries have undergone regulatory overhauls over the past century; by my observation, none have done so more rigorously than the financial industry, which sometimes falls short of optimum self...

06 Sep 2018
Financial Risk Management
Sufyan Khan

Preparing data functions for the 2017 stress tests

In November 2016, the Bank of England (BoE) published the results of its 2016 banking stress tests which measured the resilience of UK’s major banks’ balance sheet in adverse scenarios. These incorpor...

31 Jul 2018
Banking Regulations
Breana Patel

9 Ways Banks will Change in Next Few Years

Fintech - Financial Technology has greatly disrupted the way that banks and financial institutions operate today. Think about it, today its hard to imagine not using Paypal. But just like Paypal total...

18 Jul 2018
Digital Banking Trends
Breana Patel

Challenges in Building Effective Risk Appetite

A Difficult Task, But a Necessary One The Challenges of Gauging Effective Risk Appetite Managing a bank’s risk appetite strategy is unique to each organization. Unlike some areas that are more clearly...

16 Jul 2018
Financial Services Regulation